Useful links for investigators

Useful links for investigators

  • CCMO register: The public CCMO register contains both the core data and the results of research involving human subjects.
  • Clinical Research in the Netherlands – Legislation & Procedures: Free English-language online course on legislation and procedures on clinical research in the Netherlands.
  • Children and research: Information for professionals, parents and children about children and medical-scientific research. (Only in Dutch.)
  • NFU BROK Academy: Clinical investigators linked to the UMCs are required to complete the BROK course (‘Basic Course on Regulations & Organisation for Clinical Investigators’).
  • ‘Onderzoekswijs’: Free e-learning course of the CCMO for clinical investigators wishing to gain knowledge on laws and regulations concerning medical scientific research in the Netherlands.
  • ToetsingOnline: Web portal for submission, review, registration and publication of medical research involving human subjects.

Participating institutions: UMC Utrecht and Prinses Máxima Center for pediatric oncology

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